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Discrete candid photos

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Funeral Photography

One of my clients, Margaret, wrote ‘when we were blinded with grief at mum’s funeral, you were our eyes’.

This is my raison d’être: being there for families, capturing what they cannot see; allowing families to reflect when they are ready.

I photography discretely with care and compassion.

From hugs to smiles and everything in between, nothing is missed whilst I am not noticed.

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Funeral packages

All packages include photography at the funeral service and at the gathering held afterwards.

Within two days, approximately 200-300 images from the funeral will be available in a private viewing area on my website to enable people unable to attend the funeral to see it for themselves.

My packages also include a keepsake book which includes anything to preserve the memory of the loved one; eulogies and tributes, funeral photos, poems, photos from life and even family trees.

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Funeral Service Photography

During the service I never pose people or use flash photography.  Discrete candid photography allows me to capture the sombre mode of family embracing, children deep in thought, and friends crofting the bereaved.

Funeral Committal Photography

During the committal I focus on capturing people saying goodbye for the final time, a young daughter comforting her mother, a father showing his young son how much his father-in-law meant to him.

Funeral Wake Photography

The wake is a time to reminisce, to laugh and to celebrate a life. During the wake, if asked, I will photograph family groups, maybe the tennis club, the neighbours, even the staff of the retirement village.


Keepsake Books

keepsake book

My most important service.

I design keepsake books which contain photos, family histories, poems, eulogies, family trees and anything else the family wants.

My keepsake books allow families to grieve beyond the day of the funeral since it gives them practical things to do like gathering tributes, choosing photos and approving my page layout designs.

This practical work allows families to reflect on their relationship with the deceased and just as importantly, allows them to honour the deceased.

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